” Planning your first trip to Disney, knowing that you have no clue what your doing, what you should see, praying that it’s going to be everything and more for your children, well, daunting to say the least! Then one of my best friends  led me to you!! Not only did you find out as much as you could about my children, their likes and dislikes, what they would eat, what they needed to see, where would be the “must see”, most spectacular things Disney had to  offer us…. You gave me piece of mind!  Laura, you went above and beyond! Available 24/7 before and during
our holiday, making sure we had everything we needed, you are an amazing person! What you gave to me and my children will be memories we will cherish for a lifetime! For that, I am truly, truly grateful! You are top notch sister, and will recommend you to anyone heading to Disney!!! Much love my friend!!!”
Aileen Toback, New York